Currency Converter

Currency Converter

Convert between over 60 currencies, just fill in the amount to convert, select your source currency, the destination currency and click "Convert". The converted amount and exchange rate used will then be shown.

Exchange Rates

1 USD =1.000000.788440.93292158.428961.371021.49977
1 GBP =1.268331.000001.18325200.939501.738901.90219
1 EUR =1.071900.845131.00000169.820001.469601.60760
1 JPY =0.006310.004980.005891.000000.008650.00947
1 CAD =0.729380.575070.68046115.555251.000001.09390
1 AUD =0.666770.525710.62205105.635730.914161.00000

Currency conversions are based on the aggregate of rates published by the ECB and Bank of Canada and updated each business day.

This currency converter and exchange rate table is for informational purposes only, and TOLRA Micro Systems Limited does not guarantee its accuracy or completeness.